Marketing Services

Public Relations
defining objectives, offering creative solutions, key messages and tracking, copy writing and media relations to maximise editorial coverage.

Social Media
over the last two years Julie has worked with over 200 UK based food bloggers and now holds an impressive database. Getting your product samples and information into the hands of a new breed of important opinion formers.

Web Development
copy writing, working with an independent IT specialist, sourcing photography and project management.

Copy Writing
all elements of copy writing from press releases, all elements of marketing materials including brochures & newsletters, packaging and websites.

negotiating guaranteed coverage for a campaign or brand for a specific length of time with pre-agreed messages. Julie can work directly with publications to negotiate costs and added value opportunities. She also has contacts within the media buying industry who can recommend the best and most cost effective media solutions including online, cinema, bus, poster, press and direct mail campaigns.

Direct Marketing
direct mail with particular emphasis on e-broadcasts, data capture and flyers.

Sales Promotion
sales support through setting targets, defining best practise techniques, sales conversion, maximising yield, promotions, presentations, events, tracking, data capture and building customer loyalty.

identifying potential sponsorship opportunities, negotiating a deal and managing branding issues.

specialist food, drink and lifestyle shows with opportunities for sampling, guest speaking, data capture and new business listings.

Corporate Identity
developing a corporate identity in conjunction with an independent designer and set guidelines for usage.

creating new packaging, market research and trials.

Point of Sale & Merchandising
creating eye catching point of sale material, table talkers and point of sale positioning.

Word of Mouth
focus groups, host events, defining customer care programmes designed to initiate positive word of mouth.